A new day…another breakfast?

Woke up this morning extremmmmly excited about my accomplishment last night of finally getting this site to work right. Yea, yea, yea i know its probably not that hard and its no ROCKET SCIENCE or anything but, its just when you set a goal and accomplish it you feel good about it 🙂 …I’ve set many goals for Psycho Panda this year, this month, this minute, this second, and its going to feel just as good or BETTER to accomplish them. So waking up this morning i was hungry as $%#@. So this is what i had…..doesn’t it look delicious?



And you will see throughout my blog many pictures of FOOD. I Love Food. So until my next post explaining about Psycho Panda Streetwear, read the story of Psycho Panda posted in the right column…

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