Psycho Panda….The Brand

And here we goooooo, Psycho Panda the Brand!!! Lets get straight to it. Psycho Panda is a graphic designs and clothing brand based on the wisdom of its Logo that operates under the  moniker Psycho Panda. If you read the Story of Psycho Panda then you’re up to speed, if not GO READ THE STORY!! The part not mentioned in the story is the logo’s real name. Which is Psypan Choda. Yeah….i’m just as intrigued as your are. HaHa. So lets take a look at Psycho Panda himself….

So now that you’ve see the logo you might ask “How was Psycho Panda Created?” To which i might answer “Good question Daniel Son!!” ONE summer day in Dj Lou Burna’s basement while listening to instrumentals and talking streetwear, dunks, jordans, and all the other dope gear we could think of, we started talking about making streetwear logo’s for the brands i was originally trying to start called XYZ and A HUSTLERS TRUTH. In our convo Lou mentioned putting a panda in a straight jacket and calling it CRAZY PANDA. Blown away by the idea i went straight to work!!! In effort to create the logo i went to tattoo artist, graphic designers, painters, but nothing was working. They kept comming up with evil looking logo’s that didn’t fit what i was trying to do. Thats when i gave the Panda my own personal attributes and named him PSYCHO PANDA, which would serve as an irony of who he really is, just like me. He’s a SUPER HERO (in his own right), inspired by the SPIRIT, fighting for the good and living by the creed “Let Creativity Reign”!!! SO…during my quest for the perfect logo, a guy i worked with named Chinn told me his cousin was an AMAZING artist and could get the job done. So i took his word for it and contacted his cousin that was only a freshman in highschool. As soon as i seen his work, I realized Chinn was right! Here are some photo i gave him to create Psycho Panda……BTW, Stay tuned in for Products due to release and free giveaways THIS February!!!!! Yesss!! My own products!!!! DIY is so great!!!


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