Whats this?…Package from China?

Knock Knock? Who’s There? Package. Package Who? Package from China!!! HAHAHA. I ordered these Psycho Panda wrist bands a couple weeks ago from Wrist-Band.com and they actually came a week early. YESSS!!! I love it when things go better than planned. And when i get it early, YOU get it early. See how that works out? Anyway, these Psycho Panda wristbands will be sold for $1.oo or FREE with any Psycho Panda T-Shirt purchase due to release in February. (Want a FREE T-SHIRT and Psycho Panda Wristband? Tell me about it at PsychoPandaStreetwear@gmail.com.) Here’s some pics of my EXCITING package from China and the products inside….

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