Go Panda Go

Around here at Psycho Panda we constantly cheer on the brand and the logo. Go Panda Go!!! And being a Virginia based brand we always spread love the Virginia way πŸ˜‰ You’ll see what i mean in a second. I’ve been very busy the last few day with all the organizing, ordering, and planning for Psycho Panda upcoming releases and events and im reallllyyyyy excited about what the future holds for Psycho Panda. And i’m sure you’ll be excited too!! Anyway, after receiving my Psycho Panda wrist bands a couple days ago i ran into a lot of YOU that are following the brand and showing SUPER support….So here to some of the folks i ran into today, thus spreading love the Virginia/Psycho Panda way….Go Panda Go!

Thanks for all the LOVE!!!

Psycho Panda Streetwear…”Let Creativity Reign”

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