Calling All Quality…

In my first every product venture for Psycho Panda which was actually pre Psycho Panda, I developed a product for the promoting the Washington Redskins against their arch rival Dallas Cowboys. The purpose of this venture was to sample the quality of the screen printer. The printer was good but not the quality i would want for Psycho Panda products. I was looking for the BEST QUALITY on the market and after a feverish search i finally found it. Broken Arrow in Des Moines, Iowa is one of the best contract screen printers in the business. Products have been ordered and will be available in February for the GRAND OPENING of the webstore and at select retail locations. GO PANDA GO!!!. Anyway…these stickers are the first Psycho Panda product of any kind and the woman holding them is very inspirational to a lot of people, Thank you Mrs. Gladys Perkins for all you do to help each and every one of us!!! And for Supporting Psycho Panda….

Produced a this grey version first and progressed to the white version later.

Made this product actually before all the others. First design created after learning Adobe Illustrator.

The products are currently sold out and will most likely not be reproduced. As mention they were created for test purposes. Psycho Panda Streetwear…”Let Creativity Reign”

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