7 Goals for 2010

Faith in God, Putting your Best Foot Forward, and A Helping Hand are all KEY ingredients to obtaining success in anything we do in life. Setting goals and working HARD to achieve them will get you were you want to go. My father would tell me when i was growing up “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance” which is also very helpful! But one of the most enlightening bits of information i’ve recieved came a few weeks ago when a random man told me he loved my brand and to remember that “The elevator to success will always be broken, its best to take the stairs, one step at a time”. Enlightening right? Combine all these elements together and you have what i like to call…..SHOWTIME!!! So..with that in mind, i’ll share with you the goals i have set for Psycho Panda for its first year in business….

7 Goals for Psycho Panda Streetwear 2011-2012

1.Give away 100 Free t-shirt.(But not all at once..ha)

2. Attend 1 fashion event.(ASR, Agenda, etc.)

3. Throw one fashion event.(Maybe in YOUR neighborhood)

4. Get 1 product in every state.(want one..psychopandastreetwear@gmail.com)

5. Sell 1000 t-shirts (GoPandaGo >>Click Here<<))

6. create 3 wholesale accounts.(Maybe in a store near you)

7. Obtain 1 celebrity endorser.(Jay-Z? Barack Obama? Stewie from Family Guy?)


So there you have it. A LOT of work to do and a LOT of FUN to have!! But most importantly none of it can happen without YOU!!

Psycho Panda Streetwear…”Let Creativity Reign”

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