Valentines Day… :-)

Hope everyone had a GREAT Valentines Day. My Valentines Weekend started off here at Georgetown Cupcake. If you follow me on Facebook then im sure you seen me post about this AMAZING place. Cupcakes are out of this world!!…and im sure the LINE of people outside would agree with me. Check out Valentines Weekend in a nutshell and a special announcement after the pics….muuhhhaaaaa!!!

It was freezing outside and the wind was blowing 30 mph! But that never stops faithful customers…no way!!

And if you familiar with TLC then you have probably heard of Georgetown Cupcake which airs season 2 Friday Feb 25 at 10pm. Or you can continue looking at these pics that show you all you need to see 🙂

And here’s my lovely Valentine!

And here’s Valentine’s Day dinner prepared by my Valentine. 🙂 Thanks again to my Wonderful Darling for a lovely Valentines Day! And now back to our regularly scheduled program…..Product came in today!!!!!!!!!!!! Tune in tomorrow for pics and the beginning of the beginning for the Psycho Panda Streetwear TAKEOVER! “LET CREATIVITY REIGN”

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