Fun and Food!!!

So this past weekend was filled with fun and FOOD!. Had a blast with my lovely Girlfriend Lonnie as i always do..but this time i got to experience some authentic Vietnamese food at her moms house while we celebrated her sisters 15th Birthday. Happy Birthday Cindy!! (WARNING…the pictures you are about to see may make you very hungry. If you haven’t eaten you may want to so you don’t chew off your arm! This message has been brought to you by Psycho Panda Streetwear and the makers of Psycho Panda…”Let Creativity Reign”) First Stop Raku in Bethesda for Sushi!!

Second Stop…Lonnie’s mothers for this Amazing soup, carmelized pork, a huge shrimp and ……CRAWFISH!!!

Next up…Dim Sum at Oriental East!!

And our last stop is to Lonnie’s for Kabobs and Rice. It was did a wonderful job Daling!!

And there you have it!!..Hungry?…I sure as H#!! am. And im off to get food as we speak!!! Got any good food pics?…send them to with full info. 🙂

Psycho Panda Streetwear…”Let Creativity Reign”


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