New York City!!!!…Part-1

New York City is known for its Amazing Foods, Diverse Culture, and its Fashion Sense!! Streetwear is a majjjorrr part of New York especially considering that Rap Music and Hip-Hop itself was BORN there. Psycho Panda Streetwear was on hand to take in the scope of that food, fun, and diversity while celebrating the birthday of my Lovely Darling…Lonnie!. So lets get right to PART ONE of a 5 PART SERIES of this weekends visit to New York City. We’ll start in Time Square!!!…..

Lonnie and Vicki had a blast  in New York.

We were met up later by some good friends Chris and Mina.

And here we have the TIME SQUARE CROWD!!! New York is rightfully named..the City that never sleeps!!

There was a HUGE screen in Time Square that posted these pictures of people walking by on the street. Can you spot Vicki? Use the pictures above to see what she’s wearing and the first one to spot where she is, which is where we are, and sends and email stating the locations to WINS A FREE PSYCHO PANDA TEE!!!!.

Now thats a huge bottle of chocolate syrup! That $#!&”$ like a lifetime supply!!

This machine looks like it could produce some SERIOUS chocolate.

And speaking of SERIOUS CHOCOLATE!!!! Holy &%$#*& Batman!!!!!

That Hershey Kiss is 4 times the size of that guys head!!! Well Thats it for Part 1…The first night in NY went by pretty fast but we had such a good time celebrating Lonnie’s Birthday…tune in tomorrow to see the most UNBELIEVALBE sights you have ever seen!!!!

Psycho Panda Streetwear…”Let Creativity Reign”

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