Coming From Where I’m From…

Coming from where i’m from is a song title by neo soul singer Anthony Hamilton and is also a way to understand why everyone of us is the way we are. What we are molds us to be more like or more unlike our surroundings as we grow. It will also help you understand the people in those environments. Coming from Fredericksburg VA you don’t see a lot of diversity and thats due to the part that most people in Fredericksburg like it that way…and im not one of them just to be clear..haha. Let take a look at some of the things you may see during a random trip if your coming from where im from…

A random chess board featuring the confederates against the yanks.

A life size confederate soldier in a downtown store.

And something you probably won’t see ANYWHERE else but Fredericksburg VA….a SLAVE AUCTION BLOCK!!!!! Yeah…so…looking at these items you can see the underlying theme of this great suburban city!!! ….Never the less…Go Panda Go!!

Psycho Panda Streetwear…”Let Creativity Reign”


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