Its like Chris Hahn Say…”BELLY OUT!!!!”

Yeah shout out to Chris Hahn for that phrase! And Yes…i am a food LOVER…and working on Psycho Panda day and night works up that appetite and lucky for my i have an AMAZING array of cooks and cultures at my becking call to whip up some of these goodies you’re about to see. From my lovely girlfriend (Lucky Me), to my cuzzo who’s a culinary chef graduate and lives next door (shout out to Berto),  to Mr. Ralph and Mrs. Gladys (They gets bizzyyy!!), to my sister-in-law’s espanolo dishes (Go Cladeen Go), and in case you didn’t know Psycho Panda HIMSELF gets down too!!! But anyway…..heres a look at what i been eating for the past couple weeks from hood breakfast to Vietnamese wedding receptions…..Its like Chris Hahn say…”BELLY OUT!!!!”

Dang im hungry now!!!

Psycho Panda Streetwear…”Let Creativity Reign”


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