Rest In Peace: Jonas Bevacqua (Owner of LRG)

Being the owner of a clothing brand required a few things to make it successful on a main stream level. Passion, Drive, and a willingness to make the customer that may be “unfresh” become “fresh” in your clothing. In my quest to make my brand Psycho Panda all of these things without “selling  out” the brand, you have to stay grounded and DO YOUR RESEARCH!! In my research one of the most influencial and inspirational streetwear brand owner i learned the most from is Jonas Bevacqua, Owner of LRG. I pray that he was saved and knew Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, which is by all accounts… most important. Our life is but a short time, but eternity is just that….ETERNAL!! And Christ is the only one with the key. So here’s a look at Jonas Bevacqua the fashion designer that will be dearly missed….

Psycho Panda Streetwear…”Let Creativity Reign”


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