Fan Friday…Eyes on the Skyline!!

So while i was at Potomac Mills last Sunday i saw and extremely rare vehicle parked near the entrance. As i went through the mall randomly looking for people to give FREE PSYCHO PANDA SHIRTS TO….i did work and decided to head to the movie to catch X-Men(It was hot..if you haven’t seen it leave this blog now and go see it!) While i was in line i noticed this extremely rare vehicle was parked by the movies now. So i walked in and watched my movie. I came out of the movies and seen the car i walked up to take check it out. As i did the owner jumps in and starts it up. I introduced myself and offered him a free shirt. He accepted and we chatted for a minute then kept it moving. He called me one hour later interested in doing business! We had a meeting on Tuesday and its officially Showtime!!! Go Panda Go! Looking forward to doing business in the near future!! (He’s actually showing some people in NY this weekend..) So without Further A Do…Fan Friday goes to Matt and the GTR 35 Skyine….

Thanks again Matt for showing Psycho Panda Love!!!

Psycho Panda Streetwear…”Let Creativity Reign”

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