Find Your Moon and Go To It….Psycho Panda Pop-Up Shop…

I told this story a while ago to some family and friends about an experience i had as i sat in my car and looked up at the moon. The thought came to me as i stared at a full moon at midnight about what the moon really represents to the human race. The thought was “someone, somewhere, at sometime looked up at the same moon….and said….I WANT TO GO THERE.” And when you think about it…that is such a BOLD statement considering what it would ACTUALLY take to get yourself from EARTH….TO THE MOON.

Thats would have been an epic thing to wrap your mind around at that time. So as i thought about my brand and where i am trying to take it, as well as the process of what it would take to get it there, etc….i began to think it may be kind of difficult. But when i compare it to the task of getting from EARTH TO THE MOON….it didn’t seem so difficult at all!!..So i have taken a small step to getting to MY MOON…the Psycho Panda Pop-Up Shop …so come on in…..wait….first lets get a couple supplies!!!

She gave her best pose i guess…haha

The Psycho Panda store within a store….

A little more on how this first official Psycho Panda prototype came about later…

Thanks to these lovely folks for your purchase!!! They were so nice and girl in the middle had some knowledge about streetwear!!

Deion Odom was on hand of course…be on the lookout for more skate session video’s by him that will BLOW YOUR MIND!!!

Thanks for your purchase!!!

Wait…whats this!!??!!??


The Owner of Magic Bullet Skateboards Mark Eyestone made this for me while the Pop-Up Shop was going on!!…Cool Dude right there…and an Amazing Artist!! Thanks Mark!!

  The Store is offically winding down….it was so much fun!!!!

So as i get home and look in the mirror….i took a gooooood look at myself and wrapped my brain around….GOING TO MY MOON!!!

Which is Psycho Panda Streetwear….and these two feet will take me there!! By Gods Hand of course!!!…

Look out for new products in our webstore later this week and more super duper updates from Psycho Panda Streetwear…

Psycho Panda Streetwear…”Let Creativity Reign”

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