So…some time ago (like a year or so)  i was on The Hundreds blog looking at new fashion they were putting out and studying on “how its done” and i came across a blog post that Bobby Hundreds did about a brand called Fur Face Boy. What caught my attention about the post was the box that the brand Fur Face Boy was using to promote his goods and i was COMPLETELY AMAZED to say the least!!! So i said to myself…one day i WILL have a box just like that with my own graphics. So i hit up Mr. Ha Mai..the owner of Fur Face Boy to gather some information on how i could get my own box pressed for my brand Psycho Panda…..and WALA!!..a year later and BAM….the Psycho Panda Box is born!!!. But the interesting part issssss….. whats inside the box…muahahaha!!!…Follow me…

So the package came like this from the company Primary Color Inc in Texas. Great guys to work with and they really know how to pile on the customer service!!

So after a 3 minute assembly you have this….a beautiful work or art if i must say so myself! The quality of what they were able to produce from the u-line boxes the i picked out was off the chart.

But this is where it gets interesting!!!! These boxes were produced for a certain purpose in mind. And that purpose ultimately is to put Psycho Panda to YOUR favorite retail store!!!! But you’ll have to stay tuned to find out which stores are on the “list” of potential buyers…Muahahaha!!

So here you have it…The buyers that are currently waiting for this “special” Psycho Panda package will be presented with the Summer 2012 line sheet and a Psycho Panda Streetwear welcome letter annnnnddd……

A whole lot of samples / free swag!!!! Nothing like free products!! Now thats what i call VA hospitality..

Here a look at the official Psycho Panda Streetwear 2012 Summer Line Sheet!

So here’s the Psycho Panda welcome letter…..those freaking Panda’s always in the way at the wrong times!!

They also come in a Large shoe box or Small Suitcase box!! Sooo….there you have it!! The Psycho Panda Box Set if officially READY to hit the street!! Be on the lookout for some Psycho Panda in your favorite retail store really soon. Can’t speak on which ones yet but we will SURELY keep you posted!!! GO.PANDA.GO!

Psycho Panda Streetwear…”Let Creativity Reign”

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