iPhone & Square Up?? GO.PANDA.GIZZOOOOOO!!!!!

GO.PANDA.GIZZOOOO!!! SO….for any business owner the most important thing…well…one of the most important things besides making your product available to your customer is being able to accept any type of payment. Psycho Panda Streetwear products are available to YOU the customer in many ways online and hopefully in stores VERY VERY soon…and are now able to be purchased in a larger variety of ways with credit/debit on site!!. Introducing the new Psycho Panda iphone equipped with the Square Card Reader and Application!!.  Psycho Panda has been growing leaps and bounds as an indie brand and as you will see from the photo below the plan is to keep growing!!…Check it out….

So you go to http://www.SquareUp.com and fill out your business information like bank account, TIN, etc.. or just for private use and they send you this free in the mail.

They have a big advantage over credit card processing companies because they accept American Express at a low rate!!

Basically just plug and play after you set up a Square account and downloaded the Square Up app to you Mac, iphone, ipad, or itouch.

And wala!….you total will be 29.50$…complete with the Psycho Panda Logo! The receipts are text or email and a signature is required on the phone with the card swipe….GO.PANDA.GIZZOOOO

Psycho Panda Streetwear…”Let Creativity Reign”

>>>>>>>SHOP PSYCHO PANDA<<<<<<<


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  1. My wife used Square for a while but found out that SalesVu (www.salesvu.com) is better. Just like Square, it’s free and it’s more powerful and has lower rates than Square.


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