Psycho Panda presents…Must Eat!!! Issue 1…Market to Market

Being in Washington DC daily has its advantages and disadvantages! One of the major disadvantages is the traffic which is usually tragic day and night… (thank goodness for the subway). Another disadvantage would be the PARKING!…once again…thank goodness for the subway! But the advantages FAR outweigh the disadvantages for instance…there is tons of diversity so you meet tons of unique people and personalities and there is NEVER a dull day!. Another MAJOR advantage is the FOOD!!…and one of my favorite places to eat is MARKET 2 MARKET on 740 5th Street, Northwest Washington DC!!!…They have TONS of unbelievable food from Sushi to Barbecue Chicken and EVERYTHING in between! They even offer a sidebar for soups and subs like steak and cheese and also NY Ruebens which happens to be my favorite sandwhich there!!…its outrageously good!. Psycho Panda is always busy and the next important thing to our brand is FOOD and Market 2 Market is right at the top of that list!!…So lets check out what you’ll see inside….

The Sandwich Bar has ALL the best sandwiches you can think of!!! GET THE NY RUBEN!!

They even have some friendly but shy help!! They were really fun but a little camera shy as you can see!…anyway…Smile..Your on Psycho Panda TV!!

As you can see….such a diverse mix of great food and the atmosphere is super chill!!…so go to Market 2 Market and eat already!!..OH and one more thing..Gotta thank my friend Hanna Choi for putting me on to this place!!! Thanks Hanna!!..

Psycho Panda Streetwear…”Let Creativity Reign”


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