Psycho Panda travels to Neah Bay, WA!!

Traveling around the globe is a big dream for many people.  Entertainers, athletes, CEO’s and many “big names” jet set the globe all the time…and in essence are “living the dream!”  One of the best things about traveling is experiencing new cultures and landscapes as things drastically change the further you travel from home.  Psycho Panda Streetwear was blessed with an opportunity to travel to the furthest North and West you can get in the United States of America to the small patch of land called NEAH BAY!!  Lets check out how the flight got underway!!….

I’m rarely pictured….but when I am I make every attempt to show love!

Thanks to US Airways for getting me there safely!! Notice the drastic landscape change from the east coast…

to the west coast…Rockies I believe??..

The Big Sky State….Montana!….

 Then out of no where I look out and see this….and my first thought is…that mountain peak is big…Then as the plane gets closer I look again…

  Its a freaking VOLCANO!!!!.. This is Mount Rainier, one of 11 active volcanoes in the USA and is an absolute MONSTER in the skyline of Seattle.

 The drive from Seattle to Neah Bay was nuts seeing so many landscapes like this….Lake Crescent, WA!

 When you finally make it to Neah Bay after a 4 hour drive from Seattle, you’re greeted by these HUGE Makah Native Avatars!…

 Makah Natives are very true to their culture…these totem poles are present everywhere on the Makah Reservation…even at the supermarket!!

 I toured the Neah Bay High School which was loaded with Makah icons and totem poles….

 Meet Makah Native Mr. Halttunen, who graciously stuffed Mr. Psycho Panda with King Alaska Salmon freshly smoked from his barrel smoker!!  It was STUPID GOOD!!

The smoked salmon was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!  Definitely dying to get some more!..

Neah Bay has the cleanest air a pair of lungs can breath!.. Its full of gorgeous landscapes, true to life people and SALMON!!.. Can’t wait to visit again and its definitly on the list of top places to visit!!!  Thanks to the people of Neah Bay for holdin down Mr. Psycho Panda!!

Psycho Panda Streetwear…”Let Creativity Reign”

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