Art…who goes there..

I heard someone recently say that an art degree is virtually useless. But the truth is anything that you don’t use is useless. Like the 7 umbrellas you have in your closet, or the 14 pairs of shoes and 9 dresses you bought 5 years ago and never wore….or the luggage you purchased thats been sitting under you bed for 10 years because you never took a trip?…Get my point. Good. Now lets look further at this art being useless thing. EVERYTHING you can think of has been created artistically first whether it be your car, your house, your money, or your CLOTHES! So over here at Psycho Panda Streetwear we use our graphic design ability to bring you custom freshness! Gio Baez is a major part of the Psycho Panda graphic design and continues to drop dope graphic lettering to incorporate in new tee’s. You can check out some of the graphic beginnings you’ll see turned into PPSTWR products in the near future below.

So there you have it. A small peek into the future of Psycho Panda Streetwear so be on the lookout for the new freshness!!! Special shout out to PPSTWR artist you see pictured, Gio. Go.Panda.Go!!

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