More and More Invicta’s

As previously mentioned, Psycho Panda Streetwear has a dream goal of one day collaborating with Invicta Watches.  Invicta is a brand that is synonymous with quality and excellence!  We at Psycho Panda have been long time supporters and collectors of the affordable luxurious watches and will continue hunting for the highly sought after rare models.  The watch game is very important to any streetwear junkie and Invicta has just the fix for any style! Check out a few of the new pickups for the Psycho Panda Team and some of our closest friends….

The Invicta Subaqua Noma 3 is EXTREMELY comfortable on the arm and is sure to turn heads!

This Russian Diver / Siberian Tiger is 1/5000 in the world!!.. So if thats not exclusive i don’t know what is..

 The Arsenal is the biggest watch Invicta makes at 65 mm… Its NOT for the weak wristed..

Most of you are that follow PPSTWR are well acquainted with the Sea Hunter which is EXTREMELY HUGE!…The Invicta above the Sea Hunter is the Bolt Zues and it too is detailed with great complications and an all around gorgeous timepiece.

The side view of the Bolt Zues gives your a better view of just how large and unique this watch is!!

 Russian divers Jungle Predator (green) and Tsunami Warrior (blue) are stupid exclusive as well being only 1 or 5000 made in the world…I have a team full of fortunate B@$tards that get to have all the fun..haha.

And as you can see, Invicta not only creates some of the rarest and largest timepieces on the market…they also cater to the sophisticated and tasteful with this Sea Spider.

So YESSS….a future collaboration with Invicta is a must…until then stay informed on all the exclusives Invicta makes that go well with YOUR Psycho Panda Streetwear Tee…”stay thirsty my friends”…and “Let Creativity Reign”..

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