Hungry Humpday…Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, & Desert

Those of you who know me, Mr. Psycho Panda himself, know that I take pictures of absolutely EVERYTHING I eat. My iphone picture gallery is literally littered with pictures and pictures and pictures of FOOD! These pics aren’t held in my phone to be stared at like some fat kid drooling all over the place every time he thinks about food, but more so, to show EVERYONE the mouth watering meals I get the pleasure of eating. See…not so “fat kid” at all…lol. But really, I LOVE to eat good food and with the holiday season upon us, the good food that will be inhaled over the next 60 days will undoubtably grace my phone with a couple hundred pics. So in preparation of the good food season, lets look back at the pics (I sadly had to delete from my phone) of all the good food I’ve inhaled over the past couple months and introduce our new weekly Wednesday food post entitled HUNGRY HUMPDAY!…. Bon Appetit!

Parmesan chicken over rigatoni

Turkey Panini from Lawson Grill NW DC

Chicken spinach roll

Olive Garden

Olive Garden

Homemade Apple Pie

Frozen Yo

Crockpot Gumbo

Asian Bistro in Crystal City VA.

El Charro Mexican Restaurant

American Buffet in Alexandra

Asian Bistro spring rolls

Chocolate Chip Walnut cookies

All beef Ballpark hotdogs with chilli and mac & cheese

Filet Mignon and Crab cake from Sweetwater Tavern in Fairfax VA

Plantain with garlic

Buffalo Blast from Cheesecake Factory

Jumbalaya from Cheesecake Factory

Pecan pancakes from Cracker Barrel

Carl’s Ice Cream

Bertito’s Steak

Fish Toco’s from a Taco Truck in DC

Famous Daves trash can lid!

So there you have it!….I CAN’T WAIT FOR THANKSGIVING!.. Got food pictures you want to feature on Psycho Panda Streetwear?…send your food pics to and become featured on our next Hungry Humpday!!

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