Fan Friday goes to Migi aka Mrs. Gladys!!!

Christmas time should always be filled with joy and excitement! The main reason for the celebration is CELEBRATING the birth of Christ, and a secondary reason is being able to give. (Well…lets say give and receive because lets be real, who doesn’t get excited about receiving gifts!) So in pondering the previous statement, the question i’m sure most of us have asked ourselves is What do you get someone who has everything? This can be a struggle to find the appropriate gift UNLESS you know where to look! Luckily for us at Psycho Panda, we knew exactly where to look. We produced a 1-of-1 Psycho Panda exclusive as a Christmas gift for the one and only Migi. Complete with a special message on the front and back, this one of a kind tee was produced in 6 colorways just for Mrs. Gladys aka Migi! Check it out…

Migi Tee front
Migi Tee
Migi tee Migi

1 Comment

  1. Gotta Say this was a hot combination for the one and only MIGI!!! Sure wish I could get a custom shirt to roc for each day of the week! hahah

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