Save The Beard

So I have a friend named Taylor who is genuinely a WILD GUY! Now when I say wild guy I mean jet settin, party hoppin, don’t give a rats @ss type that goes HAM at any given opportunity. He’s a frat boy thats too cool for the frat…and to tell the truth he probably would say f*#k the frat at the top of his voice from the front lawn of a popular frat house while hazing season is in session!

So with that being said, Taylor desided to grow a beard last July. Now its not just a beard…ITS A BEARD. Here’s the story….He starts growing his beard and began getting comments and compliments on the how big his beard started getting. About a month later his wife tells him that he needs to cut it or else. So Taylor being the guy mentioned above beefs with his wife about keeping his “manhood” by NOT cutting his beard. After the argument, they compromise and decide that if he gets 5000 likes on a facebook page for saving his beard, then he can keep it…and the rest is history. In a month he gets over 8000 likes, magazines calling for photo shoots, books wanting to write his story, tv shows wanting to interview him, named his beard Beardimus Maximus and calls it part of the family and its rumored that he was tweeted by Conan O’Brian. Yeah. So WE over here at Psycho Panda put our creative juices and graphic art abilities to work and designed the Save The Beard/Beardimus Maximus tee for the big homie…check it out!..

Yea..Thats Taylor and Beardimus Maximus..Save The Beard!


Purchase a shirt at
*all proceeds go to children hospital

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