A rolling stone gathers no moss!

We at Psycho Panda love to inspire and be inspired. Which is why we need to reintroduce our longtime friend Taylor Gherring aka Beardimus Maximus! This cat is going hard in the paint!(Going Hard in The Paint;-a. hood slang referring to the competitive nature of an extremely aggressive basketball player in the painted area of the basketball court. b. putting forth maximum effort usually ending in desired result.) Several photo shoots for magazines and books, MTV reality show that is currently filming, hosting his own event in August to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network, and now a morning radio show! He is literally EVERYWHERE. Big Thanks to the homie Taylor for reppin the Streetwear brand that is Psycho Panda during his amazing adventures! Check out more about Taylor aka Beardimus Maximus >>here<< and check out his latest photo shoot reppin Psycho Panda as well as up coming events below!



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