Carving Room for Hungry Hump Day!!

With the massive amount of time I spend in the nation’s capital, it’s an absolute MUST to experience all the good foods that are right at my finger tips! Being the big Rueben sandwich guy I am, I always seek out the Ruebens in the District. Having eaten the Katz Rueben sandwhich in lower Manhattan, it’s very hard to top a sandwich that is just as good, or dare I say better. Well….I think we have a spot that will give all “on-commers” a run for the money! The Carving Room is located at the corner of H and 4th Street NW Washington DC and is DEFINITELY the place to eat not only Rueben and Corn beef sandwiches but much more! Check it out!..






20130605-120312.jpg We even met the owner! His name is Oded….go in and say Hi!!




20130605-120638.jpg She loved it and You’ll love it too!!

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