Big Things Poppin on Fan Friday!!!

The past couple of weeks have been extremely productive for the progression of Psycho Panda AND extremely fun! Our homie Taylor Gehring aka Beardimus Maximus is BLOWING UP with all the attention he is receiving from MTV, The Washington Post, Children’s Miracle Network, Beard Societies ALL OVER THE MAP,..etc!! The coolest thing for us is Beardimus has been rockin Psycho Panda 100% of the way!! Even though we go wayyyy back…we greatly appreciate the love homie! Beardimus is hosting a HUGE event tomorrow Aug. 10th at Spotsylvania Mall in Fredericksburg VA and Psycho Panda Streetwear will have our tent on hand with exclusive new tees so come by. I was also invited to a music video shoot this past weekend which was a split video between Belly Out and Dope Fellaz. It was stupid fun as it always is hanging out with C-note, Mina, Big Pete and the rest of the Belly Out fam..thanks again for having me!!! So let’s check out all the action in this weeks Fan Friday….

20130809-183326.jpg The homie C-Note consistently Panda fresh..



20130809-183635.jpg Shout out to Dise World on making such a HOT on the lookout for Summertime…


20130809-183840.jpg I see Psycho Panda print.


20130809-184028.jpg The homie Beardimus Maximus with a celebrity judge for tomorrow’s event…his beard is Boss!



20130809-184255.jpg See you all tomorrow!!

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