Meet Latin Prince…Founder: Bum Squaud Djz

So you want to make it BIG in music huh? Just know there are 50 million of YOU spread all across your coast. That’s right, not the world, just your coast. So when you think about those numbers, to “make it” in music is a rare thing. But when you’re Latin Prince, there is only one of you, in one aspect, as the founder of the MAJOR CONGLOMERATE of dj’s known as the Bum Squad, and only a handful of you in another aspect, as a globe trotting dj who has appeared and still appears in several countries! So whether you are one of the 50 million on your coast trying to make it in music or Jay-z, YOU NEED THIS CAT TO BREAK YOUR RECORD! So you’re probably asking yourself right now, “How do you know Latin Prince?” Here..Let me show you…

20131016-143700.jpg So yes…that is Latin Prince chillin with my cousin and myself. Why was he chillin with us? Let me show you that…














20131016-144243.jpg Yea that’s right! Known as the Northern Southerners, myself Picasso and my cousin Rush, were one of the 50 million just like YOU! Putting our best foot forward to make it! We met “LP” through “AP” or Alicia who still works with Trey Songz and Kang Smoke from Field Mob. We rocked BIG shows, met a ton of celebrities, and put in serious work as underground artist, and Latin Prince showed us super love when we brought him to the DMV and showed him around. That relationship proved to be very valuable and we appreciated the love he showed us by posting our songs on Bum Squad music forums and spinning our songs! Thanks again LP! So all “that” brings us to today, where ultra dj to the stars Latin Prince is showing love once again to the brand that is Psycho Panda Streetwear!..take a look..


20131016-145809.jpg Yes..Latin Prince is rockin with Psycho Panda! I was given the opportunity to present him with some exclusive Panda….



20131016-150045.jpg So I presented it!! Thanks again LP for showin the before Northern Southerners love and especially for showin Psycho Panda Streetwear love! See tons more of Latin Prince including booking information at and see him live Oct. 25th at Suite 36 in NYC!

20131016-151131.jpg Thanks again to Latin Prince and Go Panda Go!!!

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