What is “Real” Hip Hop?

What is “real” hip hop? Is it rapping about shooting and killing because that’s what you’ll do or that’s what you see? Is it delivering metaphors and punch lines in a flow and being able to make money with it? Is it spittin about what you know and not “selling out” to make money? Well..truth be told its ALL OF THAT! Rap and Hip Hop embody all means and walks of life. “Real” hip hop head like to keep rap as close to the original form as possible from where it all started on street corners in New York City. Hip Hop spans and fuses different styles, cultures, lifestyles, and ideologies, while maintaining itself as its own culture at the same time. So with that being said, let me introduce to you a few REAL hip hop acts straight outta VA! This first up and coming act is my homie Chris that goes by the name C-Note! I’ve known C-Note for some time now, and one thing is for certain about this cat…he’s true to his roots and true to Hip Hop!

Next we have Lyricks:

Rick Lee AKA Lyricks is the owner at Super Nova Studios in VA so hit him up for all your recording!!
Next is Substantial: This brotha has been doing his thing independently for a minute!!

You can see more on Substantial on twitter @substizzle
And last but not least…You can see Mr. Psycho Panda as a cameo in this next video!! Check out Big Pete from Bellyout and Paradise!!!

Did you se me!!!!! I was in that! Lol. Shout out to ALL the artist and thanks especially for rockin with Psycho Panda Streetwear!!! Be sure to support what’s local and home grown from our area to YOURS. Go Panda Go!

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