Psycho Panda will retail in Horseshoes and Hand Grenades!!!

So many people love shopping at boutiques, not only because of the exclusivity, but also for the nostalgia of the shop. For these reasons, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades IS YOUR SHOP!! Filled with a very unique boutique feel, while also being very comfortable, HS&HG has tons of nostalgic items, and at a glance, you can see anything from the first Nintendo games, a painting of Pusha T, A SKELETON OF AN OX HEAD, comic books, and much more!! Another big draw to HS&HG are the new and used vinyl record they sell. Just browsing through the collection you will see a wide range of artist from new to vintage and some indie acts. Yeah, once you walk in you won’t want to leave this store! Another exciting factor that I am happy to announce is that Horseshoes and Hand Grenades will be a future retailer of Psycho Panda Streetwear goods and products! Our winter collection will be available within the next two weeks as the release date is set for Black Friday. VERY EXCITED about the opportunity to retail in HS&HG!! Lets check it out…

20131114-130641.jpg Located at 1009 Princess Anne St in Fredericksburg VA, the mint green and purple building will DEFINITELY catch you eye and cause you to walk in!


20131114-131137.jpg Meet Mike and Laura! They own the shop so go in and say Hi!

20131114-131354.jpg I was forced to take another picture with Mike smiling. I won’t say who told me to do so (LAURA). You’ll never get me to tell.

20131114-131601.jpg Comic book flooring….

20131114-131722.jpg Comfortable seating….



20131114-132137.jpg And vintage comics!!







20131114-142246.jpg Thanks to Mike for Rockin with Psycho Panda!! Stay tuned for product list and release dates. Don’t forget to stay young, use your imagination, and let creativity reign! Go Panda Go.

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