Retail Growth!

Magic Bullet Skateboards at 604 Caroline St. and Horseshoes and Hand Grenades at 1009 Princes Anne St. is where YOU can find Psycho Panda new products and merchandise!!! Besides just being plain EXCITED about retail distribution, I absolutely LOVE the stores Psycho Panda is sold at. It’s always cool choppin it up with Mark the owner at Magic Bullet about skating, fashion, life, etc… Mark has held down Psycho Panda from Day 1 as the very first retailer over a year ago. The brand is just over two years old so that’s shows you how down Mark is! I hung out with him and the crew at Magic Bullet last weekend as I dropped off the winter releases which are available NOW at Magic Bullet Skateboards!







20131212-183908.jpg Mark gave me two skate videos!! Can’t wait to check them out!

20131212-184012.jpg watch this trick Boner did right in the shop!! Always fun chillin at Magic Bullet!! And our newest retailer Horseshoes and Hand Grenades has a life all it’s own! The store has custom comic book flooring and sooooooo much more! I’ve talked with the owner Mike several time and he too is one of the coolest guys you’ll ever meet!


20131212-184430.jpg Mike and his wife incase you missed our first post of this unique boutique…

20131212-184640.jpg They gave Psycho Panda an awesome display!! Thanks guys!!! Be sure to cop everything new from us at these retailers!! Stay Young, Use Your Imagination, and above all things…”Let Creativity Reign.”

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