Patricia Fernandez: AMA Pro Racer rockin with Psycho Panda!!

Psycho Panda Streetwear is a brand that is all about diversity. Other than being diverse, I am generally into a lot of things. I have always had a knack for all things fast and tricked out like cars, bikes, boats, skateboards, etc… but the world of Motorcycle Racing is a completely different beast!! Psycho Panda is familiar with the street bike scene having the Explicit Riders as homies and having worked with them before. Shoutout to Explicit Riders!! Check them out by clicking >>>HERE<<< if you missed the previous post on them. Patricia Fernandez however, is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STREETBIKE RIDER! Busting onto the AMA Pro Racing scene a couple years ago in the Super Sport East division. She currently holds a ranking on and is steadily working her way through the ranks. Look out for her in the future to make big headway in the AMA series and hopefully so sponsorship by Psycho Panda Streetwear!! Outside of racing, Patricia is a huge panda fan and is definitely rockin with Psycho Panda! So how did Patricia find out about Psycho Panda Streetwear?…her umbrella girl is friend of Psycho Panda and acutally modeled for us!! Her name is Chelsea Booth and you can check her out >>>HERE<<<. So..Lets check out Patricia in action….



20131224-142518.jpg Patricia is a beast on the track! Now let’s check her out off the track…

20131224-143133.jpg She is definitely rockin with Psycho Panda Streetwear! Her racer number for Team Prieto is #804 so be sure to look out for her.

20131224-143749.jpg Patricia and Chelsea off the track looking beautiful as ever as we celebrate the homie Don Hammer’s Birthday!!! Happy early BDay again Homie!!

20131224-143942.jpg As you can see Hammer is also rockin with Psycho Panda! Thanks for the love fam!…now back to the track…




20131224-144309.jpg As you can see they stay sleepin, clownin, and having TONS of fun at the track!









20131224-144915.jpg Special shout out also to Dane Westby!! AMA pro rider #5 is also down with Psycho Panda!


20131224-145324.jpg Lookout for Patricia Fernandez in 2014 on the AMA racing circuit! Thanks again Patricia for Rockin with Psycho Panda Streetwear! Psycho Panda reminds you to Stay Young, Use your Imagination, and above all things…”Let Creativity Reign.”

20131224-145834.jpg Go Patricia Go!

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