Word of Mouth, Bon Chon Chicken!!

I started Psycho Panda Streetwear two and a half years ago, and since that time, word of mouth has been the best advertisement! Repeat customers consistently complement the quality and the creative likeness of the brand and always seem tell a friend. Well…that’s what lead me to Bon Chon Chicken! I heard about how amazing the chicken wings are at this place from 3 different people, including a chef, with in two weeks! So being the foodie I am..I had to go!! Check it out…




20140116-082042.jpg Yea…a very important factoid is that every order takes a bare minimum of 30 min?!?! The reason being is due to the fry and refry process.

20140116-082307.jpg Which makes the wings super crispy and come out like this.



20140116-082610.jpg The fries were good as well and were extra crispy too. I was also alerted by the waiter that each Bon Chon has a different menu. The Bon Chon pictured is in Woodbridge VA. From what I heard the Bon Chon in Centerville VA is the “best” one and the wait to get a seat is 2 hrs everyday. Yea that’s what I said. But the wings were good…I give it a 7 out of 10. I got the regular wings instead of spicy. Maybe next time I’ll get spicy and go to Centerville for the experience. Go Panda Go.

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