Fan Friday with FXBC!!

This past weekend Psycho Panda Streetwear attended the FXBC Beard Competition held in Fredericksburg VA! Invited to the event by our good friends George and Gary of FXBC who showed us great hospitality, Psycho Panda displayed for sale our newest releases from the Spring 2014 collection. The beard competition was incredible as attendees came from all over the US, as far as California and Texas! It was a lot of fun and Psycho Panda is VERY thankful for the love and support you show us with your purchases and pictures. With that being said lets check out the event…

20140404-165042.jpg Our Pop Up shop set up!

20140404-165134.jpg The first sale of the day goes to this guy…nice beard homie!!

20140404-165239.jpg The door guy was rockin a Psycho Panda 5-Panel hat?!??

20140404-165331.jpg The homie Beardimus Maximus…see more of him at

20140404-165448.jpg Two of my long time homies Gary and Mike even came through to show love and cop the new fresh!! Thanks fam!!


20140404-165817.jpg Thanks for the love Joe!!

20140404-165855.jpg Joe came to the event rockin his Psycho Panda acrylic snapback. Nice!

20140404-170003.jpg Shoutout to Khalfani King for doing some amazing media. See him and footage at

20140404-170329.jpg They did an interview featuring me lol. Thanks!

20140404-170433.jpg They interviewed the booth next to me which was Jack Flash Palmade. Look them up for all your palmade needs!!

20140404-170615.jpg Several bands performed…

20140404-170652.jpg It was a fun night and Thanks again to FXBC for holding down PPSTWR!! Now let’s check out everyone featured on Fan Friday..





20140404-171113.jpg Special Thanks to all of YOU!!

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