Riva Solutions Finished Product!

The time has finally come to reveal the Riva Solutions Inc. t-shirt design in its entirety. Putting our best foot forward, Psycho Panda Streetwear has designed an inspirational design keen on the process and path to a successful business. Research, Plan, Do, and Evolve. It’s as simple as that to make ANY business a success. Naveen Krishnamurthy who is the Owner/President of Riva Solutions and myself (Mr. Panda) discussed (chit-chatted) about how Psycho Panda was started during a holiday party. He confirmed that Riva was essentially created the same way and pretty much any company should proceed with the same premise in order to reach its full potential. Leaving the party with an ok from Naveen to create the Riva t-shirt design, my immediate concept was to use the success model we discussed and define the steps that a company should take to be successful….so here you have it!! Research. Plan. Do. Evolve. Enjoy!








20140407-120454.jpg Thanks again to Naveen And Farrell!! Hope you enjoy!!

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