Hungry Humpday…Shrimp Tacos!!!

So you pass the food truck on the corner on your way to work and you peak at the menu and you see fish and shrimp taco and you think humm, I kinda want to try that for lunch today. You walk back to the truck for lunch and the fish and shrimp tacos are SOLD OUT!!! That’s because fish and shrimp tacos are absolutely incredible! If you’ve never had one you have NO IDEA what you’re missing out on, but once you try it there is no turning back. So…today’s Hungry Humpday will spotlight the shrimp taco in all it’s mouth watering perfection! Enjoy…

20140409-171813.jpg You will need everything here!

20140409-172229.jpg You can purchase steamed and spiced shrimp from your grocery store.

20140409-172516.jpg Add shredded cheese


20140409-172723.jpg Add this guacamole salsa but careful it’s kinda spicy..



20140409-173028.jpg And my favorite ingredient is this mango salsa! Easy does it…Bon Appetite..


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