C-Note reps one of Psycho Panda’s first tees on stage!!!!

Psycho Panda shows love where love is due! Chris Hahn aka C-Note is a Virginia based rappers that is not only on his ultra grind as an independent rap artist, he is a music teacher several instruments!! It’s good to see independent artist take their craft serious as they make their mark on the way to professionalism like C-Note! Like C-Note, Psycho Panda always puts our best foot forward to represent the brand and it’s message the right way…Let Creativity Reign! Check out C-Note on stage with Lyricks as they open up rockin one of our first Psycho Panda tees. The Element of Creativity tee was made with an actual atomic number and mass index on the periodic chart as an element on the periodic table! Creative indeed. Thanks for the love C-Note!!









Click Here to Watch C-Note and Lyricks tear it down!!

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