The creators mindset…Asian art meets Hip Hop.

The creative thought process has many different elements to it. I have created an equation that determines the “element of creativity” and how the process takes place. Reality (r) x Education (e) x Imagination (i) = “the element of creativity” (eoc). Now with that being said, the better you are at this process the more quality your creativity will be. My brain lives in the confines of this formula and those who know me will probably vouch for that! Lol. So…let’s take a look at one of Psycho Panda’s latest creations from the Spring 2014 Collection to illustrate this equation….

20140505-173411.jpg I seen this mural on a friends wall and thought…humm..I wonder how sick that would look if the rice field worker was carrying turntables instead of rice baskets. So I took a picture and immediately went to work!

20140505-173931.jpg After redrawing the graphic it’s uploaded to adobe illustrator…

20140505-174648.jpg The finished graphic is imaged with a traditional feel with the garment colors and natural elements depicted. The phrase “respect the technique” was used to tie together the turntables and the rice field worker.

20140505-175456.jpg And the finished product looks just how I imagined it. The “Element of Creativity”! Pictured is the homie C-Tru who’s wall the mural was on…thanks for the inspirational wall homie!!

20140505-175759.jpg Psycho Panda Streetwear reminds you to Stay Young, Use your Imagination, and above all things…”Let Creativity Reign”.

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