MTV..yes..the network!!

My homie Taylor Gehring has always been a brash “IN YOUR FACE” kinda dude. But never will he be more brash and in your face than he’s about to be on his MTV REALITY SHOW!!! Let me give you the rundown… Taylor and his wife Kim worked and lived in the DMV for several years until about 2 years ago when she got a promotion and they had to relocate to Boston Massachusetts. Taylor quit his job and began to search for a new one in Boston. Unsuccessful in his search, he began to grow his beard out of sheer “whateverness” during July 2012. After 2 months of beard growth he began to notice how many people a day would comment on his beard whether it was woman asking him what his wife thinks, or guys giving him props. So in October his wife gave him a chastising about his uncut beard that was by now SPIRALING OUT OF CONTROL! Taylor being who he is gave a presidential speech about keeping his manhood by not cutting his beard and taking a stand against your wife to maintain being the man if the house…I mean she was BANKING and he was unemployed so that was one heck of a stand! After the argument they came up with an ultimatum…She says to him “if your beard is so liked…get 5000 likes on a Facebook page by New Years 2013 and you can keep it!..if not you have to cut it!” So Taylor made a Save The Beard page explaining his story and set out to get 5000 likes…which is virtually impossible to do organically from October 2012 to January 2013. When I seen his page 3 weeks had passed and the page had 45 likes…and I conferred with Taylor that it was about to be a wrap on keeping his beard! Haha. But I get a phone call from him in mid November at 1:00 am that went like this…”…MY PAGE IS GOING VIRAL!!!…” When I looked there were over 6000 ORGANIC likes. Since then he has done paid gigs for magazines and books, he received a movie roll for a film being shot by the New York Film Academy, got hired to do an Infomercial, named his beard Beardimus Maximus, and is currently filming a reality show for MTV!!! Not bad for a guy that started growing a beard 9 months ago just to have something to do!!! So you ask “What does this have to do with Psycho Panda?” Good question! Taylor has been a friend and major supporter of PPSTWR from day one. His wife paid an outrageous price for the a PPSTWR hat when it was just a prototype and he even “stole” one of our first shirts from a friend so he could have one. He still supports Psycho Panda to this day and is rockin a few shirts on his MTV show! The first film session was this past weekend in Fredericksburg VA at Brock’s where he judged a beard competition and in Greensboro NC where he was in a beard competition…. Lets check out Beardimus Maximus, MTV, and Psycho Panda!!

Taylor of course is the Bearded Man.. Haha..or Beardimus Maximus I should say!


Say hello to the MTV camera crew!







Brocks was a lot of fun!…on to NC…








Yea…he was Teen Wolf in the competition!! Michael J Maximus!!















Thanks again to Taylor aka Beardimus Maximus for show Psycho Panda love!!!

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