Beardimus Maximus wears Psycho Panda on MTV Truelife!!!

So….MTV aired the Truelife reality show which featured Beardimus Maximus and his wife at the time Kim. The show had an interesting twist from the “real” reality of what was really going on. Taylor’s rise to success from growing his beard is what started bothering Kim along with the steady progression of the beards attention rather than the fact that the beard wasn’t “bringing in money” which it was! Taylor growing his beard was the whole reason MTV reached out to him to film in the first place. So I thought that was kinda interesting. Either way it was cool to see the homie Taylor get big time tv coverage from a prestigious network like MTV!!! It was also cool to see him reppin’ Psycho Panda Streetwear!!! Several shot on the show featured him wearing The Psycho Panda ‘Panda Head’ snapback and the Panda Head Polo shirt. We appreciate you fam!!! If you missed the show it airs again on Tuesday June 3rd at 12am midnight. Thanks again to Taylor for reppin Psycho Panda!!! Check him out…








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