THE STORY OF PSYCHO PANDA : Episode 1 : The Basement

THE STORY OF PSYCHO PANDA: Episode 1 : The Basement

“Able!!!….Able!!!” “Yes mom?” “What are you doing? Are you still doing the dishes?” “Yes ma’am, I have one more plate to dry and put away. Mom!! Can I have an ice cream bar when I’m finished?” “Yes but not until all the dishes are dried and put away.” “Ok, I’m done now. Can I have one?” “Yes, they’re in the freezer in the basement. Go and get only one ok?!” “Ok mom I will.” {Clink, Blam} is the sound of Able putting away the last plate and closing the cabinet. {Squeak, Squeak} is the sound made by his sneakers as he rushes to the basement door super excited to get the ice cream bar out of the freezer. {Screeech}. The basement door would have you believe the house was really old, even though it was built only 10 years previous. The darkness and coolness of the basement causes 7yr old Able to pause for a second before walking down the stairs to get his treat. Realizing he always forgets the basement light switch is at the bottom of the steps, Able builds up the courage he has to build at least once a week to take down his laundry, and do other chores that require his not so frequent basement visitation. As he places his right foot on the first step, he hears what he thinks is a voice coming from the basement. “Don’t be afraid Able.” Able replies… “Hello??” The voice speaks a little bit louder, “Your mother believes in you, and you too should believe in yourself.” Confused by why he isn’t scared to death of the voice at the bottom of the stairs, Able realizes that his courage and bravery usually only extends to things like climbing the highest tree in the neighborhood and being the fastest kid in school. He once shoed a raccoon away from the trashcan at the end of his driveway, but even that didn’t come without nightmares for a few weeks afterward about taking the trash out. The voice speaks again in the same tone, “Able, don’t be afraid. Come down the stairs.” Hit with the epic realization that he isn’t afraid of the voice, he replies, “Ok. I don’t know why I’m not afraid right now….but….im coming down.” The voice replies back, “Don’t forget your purpose for coming to the basement, is to get an ice cream bar.” Able responds in a loud tone, “Wait….what?…How do you know that?” With his mind trying to recognize the voice, his thought was that his older sister Kale or one of her friends were playing a trick on him. His mother calls to him saying “Able are you ok, who are you talking to?” Able, with his courage consistently getting stronger by the minute defers his mother with the loud and jokey response,“ I’m ok mom, just singing a song.” His mother Sinclair responds in a rhetorical murmur, “Since when did you start singing??” Able is now fully convinced that a trick is being played on him. He switched his focus from getting ice cream, to finding out who is in the basement. {Creek, Plunk, Creek, Plunk} He strides down the stairs with a full head of steam and clicks on light switch with his left hand. {Click} …..for 35 seconds, in complete silence, Able stands at the bottom of the stairs with both feet planted on the basement floor looking straight ahead. What he sees was enough to make an adult scream. Or faint. Or lose their mind. But what Able does next as he stares at what’s in front of him, shocked even him.

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