THE STORY OF PSYCHO PANDA : Episode 2: Psypan Choda

Episode 2: Psypan Choda

With a look on his face that was stuck between blank, confused, and excited all at once, Able sticks out his right hand. He takes three steps forward and with a friendly voice that has a slight quiver says, “Hello, my name is Able Chase. What is your name?” Standing just taller than the 5’1” Able, what appears to be a Panda wrapped in a strait jacket that was untied and loosely hanging off its body. Staring straight ahead with bright green eyes and a smerky expression that looked slightly serious, the Panda stretched out his arm, with the strait jacket dangling because of the extremely long sleeves. He shook Able’s hand and replied with a bass filled voice “My name is Psycho Panda…or at least that is what I am called.” With a confused grin Able responds “Why do they call you Psycho Panda? …Is that why you have on a strait jacket?….Are you dangerous?” Psycho Panda replies “No, I am not dangerous. I was placed in this jacket from a group of people that were afraid of me, even though they knew very little about me. They thought I was a threat to their way of living so they placed, or should I say, I allowed them to put me in this jacket, so they would not have a reason to feel threatened by me. They called me Psycho Panda because of the letters of my name. My name is Psypan Choda.” Able is now fully confused as to what is actually taking place. Staring at the basement floor, his thoughts are racing so fast that he didn’t realize he is murmuring them out loud, “Ok…so I am in my basement, in my house, talking to a Panda….How does a Panda know how to talk?….How did a Panda get into my house?…Did it escape from the zoo?…No one will ever believe me when I tell them it talks…..WAIT.” Once Able collected his thoughts and was able to formulate his next question, in true 7 year old fashion looks up at Psycho Panda and asks, “Did you escape from the zoo? And how do you know how to talk? Psypan responds while chuckling, “No, No, No, {Ha, Ha}. I have been living within your society for a long time. Where I lived, there…..” Interrupting the Psycho Panda, Able’s mother Sinclair opens the basement door and calls for her son in a loud tone, “ABLE….ABLE! Are you still down there?” Able responds, “Yes mom, I’m getting my ice cream now.” Sinclair replies, “You’ve been down there for 10 minutes, what is taking you so long?” Able runs over to the freezer. {creeeeek, scrounch, blam!} He lifts the deep freezer door, grabs a cream sickle ice cream bar, and slams the deep freezer door shut. “I’m coming up now mom.” Sinclair replies in a motherly tone, “Be sure to turn the basement light off when you come up stairs.” He replies, “Yes Mom”. But when Able turned around after shutting the freezer door, the Psycho Panda was gone. He calls out in a soft tone while swiveling his head around, “Psycho Panda?” Able hears a voice as if it was right in front of him say, “Able, you have a gift. That is the reason why I am here.” Able asks, “What kind of gift do I have? Where are you?” Psypan responds, “You have a mental gift that I will explain to you at another time. Look down by your feet.” Able, completely stunned, is looking at the Psycho Panda standing about the height of his knees which is a foot tall. Able says in amazement, “How did you get so small?!?!” Psycho Panda replies “Your mother is coming, you must go.” Just then Able’s mother opens the basement door again and was just about to walk down the stairs to see what Able is doing, but Able cut off the basement light and ran up the stairs to meet his mother at the basement door before she could take the first step. When Able reaches his mother he says, “Hey Mom.” His mother responds in an inquisitive high pitched voice, “What have you been doing in the basement Able?” He responds, “Nothing, just getting my ice cream. Mom, can I go outside?” She answers, “Yes, but only for an hour. Come back inside at 7:00 for dinner. That gives you one hour… And don’t get too dirty!” Able with his ice cream squeezed tightly in his hand says, “Thanks mom!” {plunk, plunk, plunk, plunk, BLAM!} Able runs out the front door. Sinclair, curious as to what her son was doing downstairs so long, decides to walk to the basement and take a look. Wondering why her son was “singing”, she has a feeling that he wasn’t alone in the basement. Her initial thought was that his sister Kale was with him. She opened the basement door and said, “Hello?…Kale?” Even though she only hears silence, she walks down the stairs. {creek, plunk, cleek, plunk…click!} Sinclair cuts on the light, looks around, and what she sees completely freaks her out. Her heart starts beating fast and she begins to lose her breath. Find out what she saw next Thursday!! Thanks for reading!.

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