THE STORY OF PSYCHO PANDA: Episode 3: Treehouse

Episode 3

As Sinclair scans the basement she is in total disbelief and very confused by what she sees. The freezer that she repaired several weeks prior is now leaking…again! The water is leaking slightly from the freezer on the floor of the basement and is running toward the basement drain. With her heart still racing from fear that all the recently bought groceries in the freezer are now spoiled, she walks to the freezer and lifts the lid. What she sees is a freezer full of meats, vegetables, and ice cream still frozen. She puts her hand on her heart and cracks a huge smile of joy. She closes the freezer top, turns around and looks down and makes another heart pounding discovery. She seen Able’s foot prints being tracked around in circles on the basement floor, then head toward the freezer, and then towards the basement steps. She also sees another small set of footprints of what she could make out as “paw” prints. She sees the footprints start larger and get smaller. Completely bewildered, Sinclair speaks aloud with a disgruntled rhetorical question, “Able has a dog in the house?” Sinclair immediately starts sifting through the basement to find the dog she believes Able is hiding in the basement. As she’s searching she whistles and calls for what she believes is a hidden dog, {sweut, sweut, sweut, sweut} “Here boy!” {kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss} “Herrreee boy! Come on boy!” Searching all over the basement with no sign of the dog she believes her son Able is hiding, she looks back at the footprints and thinks that it wouldn’t be bad if Able wanted a dog to take care of, and decides to ask him about it during dinner. She walks toward the basement light and turns it off, {Click}. With a slight smile on her face she walks back up the stairs to begin making dinner. {creek, creek, creek, creek, Blam}. She shuts the basement door and murmurs to herself, “A dog huh?” Sinclair cracks a smile again and prepares to make dinner. Outside, Able’s ice cream is now running down his hand and virtually nonedible from his tight grip. He runs around the front of the house and with the ice cream in hand, jumps over the chain link fence, completely ignoring the open gate, and smashing the ice cream on the top of the fence as he props himself over. Once over the fence Able runs as fast as he can, past his tree house, and straight to the wooden fence that divides his yard from his best friends yard. He steps on the chopped wood pile and call for his friend,”Gram!!! Gram!!!” His friend Gram is much like himself, in that he’s well advanced as a seven year old. Gram peeps his head out of the shed that is in his back yard. He was sanding a wooden canoe his father and older brother cut out. He sees Able looking over the fence and respond in his always cheery voice,”What’s up Able!?” Able responds ,”Wait until I tell you what I just saw!! Come to my treehouse!” Gram respond,”Ok, let me ask my dad.” Able jumps off the woodpile and runs over to the tree house stairs. He climbs up the seven stairs that lead into the treehouse, ice cream still gripped in his hand almost all the way melted, and sat down in a huge blue bean bag. He hears the wooden fence shake as Gram climbs over. He climbs up the stairs to the treehouse and plops down in the camouflage bean bag close to Able. Gram says,”Did you want to show me a melted ice cream?” Able replies,”No, I forgot I had this in my hand.” Gram adds “Why didn’t you eat it?” Able responds in an agitated tone,”Forget about the ice cream! You’ll never guess what I just saw in my basement!” Gram replies in a voice that he always uses when Able is extremely excited about something, “What??” Able says,”A Panda! And it talks!” Gram is used to Able being excited about about everything, like the time Able found what he thought was a piece of an Asteroid. What the asteroid turned out to be was a burned to a crisp coconut shell. Gram collects his thoughts and with a sarcastic comeback being the slightly nerdy kid that he is, he says,”A Panda. You do know that Panda’s don’t live in Hawaii. And I don’t think Panda’s can talk.” Able responds,”listen to me.” He throws down the ice cream that has been melting in his hand for several minutes and goes on to say “I went down in the basement to get an ice cream…and I heard a voice. When I cut the light on, I saw a Panda, that was my size. And It could talk, and it was wearing a straight jacket. It told me it’s name was Psycho Panda…or Psypan Choda…something like that. The point is it was talking!! I saw it. It’s in my basement right now! Gram responds with another sarcastic response,”It’s in your basement right now?” Able say,”Yes! Do you want to come see it?” Gram replies,”Yeah, but will it hurt us?” Able says,”No. I don’t think so. Come on let’s go.” As Able and his friend Gram get out of the bean bags to leave the tree house, Able is stopped in his tracks. When Gram looked around Able, what he sees scared him so much, it shook the glasses off of his head. His eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing, and a slight fright came over him. Find out what he saw next Thursday! Thanks for reading Psycho Panda: Episode 3.

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