Episode 4: Power

Standing at the bottom of the treehouse stairs waving at Able and Gram was a Panda with huge eyes and a large head. Gram lunges backward into the bean bags and scrapes his feet along the treehouse floor, scooting the bean bag and himself further into the wall. Able, who is at the treehouse door, looks back at his friend Gram as he says continually, “Is that the Panda?! Is that the Panda?! Is that it?!?” Able turned back around, looks down the stairs, and stares at the Panda. He notices that the Panda doesn’t have a strait jacket on, and its facial expression didn’t change as it was waving. He collects his thoughts and says with a semi loud blurb, “Kale?” The Panda begins to laugh. With both hands, the large eyed Panda lifts off its head and reveals Able’s sister Kale. Kale is always playing pranks on Able, and being his eleven year old sister, she feels that she has every right to prank and make fun of the advanced thinking seven year old Able. While Kale continues to laugh, Able looks back at Gram and says, “It’s just Kale, come on.” Gram still frightened, looks around the treehouse floor for his glasses. He finds them near the middle of the floor and puts them on. Gram crawls every so slowly to the door of the treehouse and looks out. He sees Able’s older sister Kale with the Panda head in her hand and her head slightly sideways. She looks up at the treehouse door and says, “Hey Gram! What’s up? Are you ok?” Gram replies, “Yea I’m ok. I just thought you were, THE PANDA!” Able nudges Gram as he replies to Kale and looks back at him with his eyebrows and eyes saying, ‘what are you doing?’ Kale puts her hand on her hip and says to them,” yea I heard you both talking about a Panda in our basement. That’s why I put this old Panda costume on to scare you.” Then Kale looks at Able and abruptly says, ”Able, I’m telling mom you have a Panda in the basement.” Gram speaks up for Able and tells Kale, “Pandas don’t live in Hawaii!” Kale gives them both a facial expression that says ‘so what’, sticks out her tongue and walks towards her house screaming out, “Mom! Moooom!” Able looks back at Gram and says, ”Come on, let’s go before my sister tells my mom.” Just then, a loud scream echo’s into the treehouse coming from Grams house. “Gram…. Graaaammm… Dinner’s ready!” Gram in a frenzied haste says to Able, “My mom’s calling me. I have to go!” Gram without hesitation jumps down from the treehouse without using the steps as if he was running for his life and dashes towards the wooden fence. Able speaks sarcastically under his breath and says, “Ok, bye Gram” when he sees how fast Gram is running off. Able starts to climb down the stairs of the treehouse when he hears the same voice he heard when he started to walk down the basement stairs. “Able.” Able climbs back up the two stairs he had taken and peeks his head back into the treehouse. He sees the Psycho Panda sitting with his back against the wall in the corner of the treehouse. With an inquisitive voice he says, “Psycho Panda?” The Panda still incased in an open and loosened straight jacket looks at Able and nods its head yes. Able sits down in the blue bean bag, ponders his thoughts for a few seconds and says, “How did you get into the treehouse? The Panda speaks and with a straight face says, “I’m where I need to be, and sometimes, I’m where I want to be.” Able is thinking of a bunch of questions to ask Psycho Panda that he didn’t get answered when he saw it in the basement. Psycho Panda, along with a ton of other supernatural abilities, has the ability to perceive future events in small doses, usually just a few minutes ahead. Psypan perceives the questions Able is about to ask and stops him in the middle of his first question. Able begins to ask, “How do you know how…” Psypan interrupts Able and says, “That is still unimportant at the moment. I have come to you because you have a gift. I am going to show you how to use the gift you have been given.” Able asks the Panda in a surprised voice, “Is it like, a super hero gift? Do I have powers kinda like…” Before Able could name his favorite super heros, Psypan interrupts him with a stern voice and says, “No, not like any of them. The gift you have is much more. Able, you must be sure to use your gift responsibly. When you use your gift, things, people, the world, life, everything changes. If you don’t learn how to control your gift, things could end up being changed permanently. Do you understand?” Able responds, “Permanently? Everything changes?” Psypan responds, “Yes. You are the only one with this ability.” Able with a concerned look on his face, looks at Psypan and asks, “What is my gift?” Psypan responds, “The most important thing to remember is, when you close your eyes, whether you are…..” Just then Able’s mother calls for him, “Able!! Able!?! Come in for dinner honey.” Able looks out of the treehouse door and says, “Ok, I’m coming mom.” When able turns back around the Psycho Panda was gone. Find out what happens next Thursday!! Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!!

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