THE STORY OF PSYCHO PANDA : Episode 5 : The beginning of the gift

Episode 5 : The beginning of the Gift

Able, confused how the Psycho Panda disappeared so quickly, starts to look for him around the treehouse. He looks in all four corners. He looks under the bean bags. He even searches in the ceiling rafters, but he didn’t see Psypan. Able sits down in the blue bean bag, bewildered and thinking about this “gift” that that Psycho Panda says he has. He repeats to himself what Psypan told his last, “The most important thing happens when I close my eyes.” Able sighs and crawls out of the bean bag
towards the treehouse door. He peeks his head out and begins climbing down the stairs when he hears a voice that’s very close speaking in a stern tone say, “Able! What are you doing in that treehouse!” Able’s mother Sinclair is staring up at him with the look a mother gives when she is sick of everything you’re doing. Able walks down the stairs of the treehouse and looks back at his mother as she stands there. Sinclair says, “Well? What are you doing in there?” Able responds, “Nothing Mom, I didn’t realize I was out here that long. I’ll go get washed up for dinner.” Sinclair responds “Able I heard you up there speaking about a gift. Did someone give you a gift? Tell me the truth Able.” Able says, “No Mom.” He stands and looks at his mother as she has her hands on her hips looking directly at him. Sinclair says, “Ok. Go get washed up for dinner.” When Able walks inside to get ready for dinner, Sinclair decides to climb up the treehouse stairs and take a look to see what’s going on. Slightly apprehensive about what she might find as she climbs the seven stairs, she peeks into the door of the treehouse slowly. She looks in all directions and notices the treehouse is surprisingly tidy. She smiles about the tidiness and begins to go all the way in when she notices the same small footprints that where in the basement. She is now completely sold that Able is hiding a small dog and decides that she is going to get to the bottom of this mystery tonight. Sinclair walks back inside the house and washes her hands in the kitchen sink. She dries her hands with a small dish towel and places the food on the dining room table. While she is getting the silverware she begins thinking, “How could Able have a dog and not tell me. Where did he get this dog from?” Meanwhile Able has just changed his shirt and washed his hands. He looks in the bathroom mirror and tries to flex his muscles as he poses. He notices that his muscles aren’t very big at all. He closes his eyes for a few moments and opens them back up hoping to see if his newfound gift has given him bigger muscles. He looks in the mirror and see’s that nothing has changed. Able begins to wonder how he is supposed to use the gift Psypan Choda has told him about. He cut off the bathroom light and walks down stairs for dinner. When he turns the corner he sees his sister Kale and his mother sitting at the table waiting for him. He sits down and sees chicken, corn on the cob, and green beans on his plate. He grabs a green bean and starts chewing. His mother looks at him and says in a rough tone, “Able! We didn’t say grace yet honey!” Able spits the green bean out in his napkin and says, “Sorry.” Sinclair says grace, “Thank You God for this food and all the blessings you give us daily. We pray that you keep us safe and help us to be better in everything we do. In Jesus name we pray Amen.” As soon as Sinclair was finished with grace, Kale immediately speaks up and says, “Able has a Panda in the basement!” Able responds aggressively, “No I don’t! She’s lying mom!” Kale keeps provoking the situation by saying, “Yes he does, yes he does, yes he does…” Sinclair puts her elbows on the table and says, “That’s enough Kale. Able what is your sister talking about?” Able says, “Mom she’s making that up. I don’t have a Panda.” Sinclair says, “Is the Panda that Kale is talking about supposed to be the dog you are hiding from me?” Able in complete confusion replies, “A dog? I’m not hiding a dog mom.” Sinclair says, “Able, don’t lie to me honey. I saw the footprints in the basement and in your treehouse. I know you have a dog.” Able looks at Kale. Her arms are folded as she is looking back at him with her facial expression showing she has an attitude. Able looks back at his mother and says, “Mom, I don’t have a dog. I’m not hiding anything from you.” Sinclair responds, “Well how do you explain the footprints Able.” Able says, “I don’t know mom, but I don’t have a dog.” Sinclair says to Able, “Well I want you to eat your dinner and go straight to your room. You will be grounded until you can tell me what the footprints in the basement and the treehouse are from. Ok Able. Understood?” Able replies in a melancholy tone, “Yes Mom.” Able finishes his dinner and puts his plate in the sink. He hears Kale tell Sinclair, “I heard them talking about a Panda Mom.” Sinclair says,“Eat your food Kale” and looks back at Able as he puts his plate in the sink. Able walks up to his room, closes the door and jumps on his bed. He lay’s on his back and thinks again about what Psypan told him. He thinks to himself, “How do I use this gift I have? And how did I get a gift?” Just then he hears Psypan speak and say, “You were born with the gift you have.” Able sits up in his bed and sees Psycho Panda come out of the shadow in the corner of his room. Psypan continues speaking and says, ”And there is a certain way you must you it. You must make sure you use it only for the good.” Able replies, “You still haven’t told me what my gift is. How do I know to use it?” Psycho Panda sighs a big sigh {haauuuuhh}, and says, “Able, your gift is very complex. When you go to sleep and dream, or close your eyes and daydream, what you dream or envision, comes true.” Able responds, “What do you mean?” Psypan says, “Before your father left on his travels, do you remember him building your treehouse?” Able say, “No I don’t. I remember asking him to build it for me. He said he would start on it the next day and when I came home from school it was built.” Psypan responds and says, “That is what you dreamed would happen. You went to sleep one year ago today and asked your father, in a dream, if you could have a treehouse. In the dream you created his answer to be yes and his response to say he would do it the next day. What you didn’t know is that when you woke up in the morning, the treehouse was already built and your father and mother and all the circumstances where generated as if everyone knew the process. Life continued around those circumstances you dreamed. The gift you have, has never been given to humans before. You are the only one.” Able responds, “WHOOOAA!” He thinks for a moment and says, “But I don’t dream that often I don’t think. Or at least I don’t know if I do.” Psypan says, “Able, you dream every time you fall asleep. Most of your dreams are visions of what you think would happen the next day. But sometimes you dream bigger, like your treehouse. When you were four years old, you overheard your mother Sinclair and your father Jean talking about their finances and needing to make more money to pay bills. That night you dreamed your father would travel for work the way he does now to make more money for your family. When you were five you dreamed you had a sister that was four years older than you. When you awake, time instantly manifested itself around your dreams, and life continued as if it was and old occurrence. But these things aren’t old. They become instant after your dream.” Able looks at Psycho Panda in complete astonishment. He comments to Psypan, “Am I dreaming right now. I mean I’m talking to a talking Panda in a strait jacket. How do I know when I’m not dreaming? Or when I’m dreaming? And how do you know what I dream?” Find out what Psycho Panda says next Thursday!! Thanks for reading!! Enjoy.

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