THE STORY OF PSYCHO PANDA : Episode 6 : Reality vs Dream

Episode 6 : Reality vs Dream

Psypan looks at Able, and in the most serious tone says, “No. You are not dreaming right now.” Psycho Panda walks to the window in Able’s room and looks outside and says, “I can see what you dream. The gifts that I have are many, but one ability that I do not have, is the ability to change your dream. The only way I can intercede is for you to call me out in your dream. That is also the way you will know if you are dreaming or not. I will tell you.” Able with a slight bit of fear in his face responds to the overload of information with several questions. He says to Psypan, “If I’m dreaming, how will I know to call out for you?….Why are you coming to me now?….The same thing happens when I close my eyes and daydream?…How do I” Psycho Panda interrupts Able as he turns around and says, “Able, you are a lot smarter than you realize. I have come to you because, there are a lot of people and things out there that know you have this power. And they are all trying to get to you to use it in the wrong manner. The most important thing to understand right now, is to never use your gift in the wrong way. Don’t use your gift for personal gain. Don’t use your gift out of anger or in an unjust way. Those things will cause the gift you have to be diminished or taken from you by God who gave you the gift. There is a lot to learn about the power that you have, and you will learn gradually how to use it. And yes, your gift works without going to sleep as well, but that will take a concentration that you don’t have right now. You mother is about to come, so I must go.” Able responds in a haste, “Wait. How do I know this is real? How do I know how to control what I dream?” Psypan answers, “When you dream tonight, think of something you want in your room. Something small that isn’t in your room now. When you wake up and see it there, you will know.” Able says, “So what happens when I’m dreaming and..” Able’s mother opens his door and says, “Able honey, I heard you talking. What is going on with you?” Able responds, “Nothing mom. I’m tired.” Sinclair looks at Able and smiles. She says, “Goodnight son. Love you.” and closes Able’s bedroom door. Able’s mind is now racing all over the place about all the new information that he has learned about himself in a single day. He looks around his room and thinks about what Psycho Panda told him about deciding what he wants in his room. He thinks about the newest game system. He thinks about the pet ferret that he wanted but his mother wouldn’t let him have it because she thought it looked too much like an elongated mouse. He thinks about what Psypan told him about not using his gift for personal gain. He tosses and turns in his bed fighting his sleep, because on the inside, he’s slightly afraid to go to sleep. Able has always been a kid that tries to do things the right way, and in his head, the only thing he can think of is that he’s a super hero. With all the thoughts swirling around in his mind, he didn’t even realize that he has fallen asleep. When Able opens his eyes, he sees an arm laying across his chest. He hears a soft light hearted female voice that’s almost a whisper say, “Good Morning my Love. Did you sleep well?” Able responds, “Yes I did actually, I had a weird dream though.” She responds, “Weird?” Able replies, “Yea. Really weird. I was a kid and, this Panda.” She say, “A Panda? You have those dreams a lot, about being a kid talking to a Panda.” Able says, “I do don’t I. But this one seemed so real.” Able shakes his head and continues to say, “This Panda had a strait jacket that was unbuckled. He was telling me something about a gift I have. And that it changes things when I wake up. It’s weird.” She speaks up and says, “Now that is pretty weird. Well. Let’s get up and start our day.” She gets up and puts on her robe, opens the window, and walks to the bathroom. She peeks her head back into the huge bedroom and throws her robe at Able and says, “Get up!” Able responds, “What if I told you the dream I had was so real, that I almost don’t remember anything?” While brushing her teeth she says, “You’re just being ridiculous now.” She rinses her mouth out in the sink and ask, “What do you mean?” Able thinks for a moment and then looks at her. He responds, “What if I told you I don’t remember your name?” With piercing eyes she looks at Able and says in a sarcastic voice, “Oh really? Well. I’m going to take a shower, and when I get out, if you don’t remember your wife’s name you’re going to have a bigger problem on your hands than your stupid dream.” She starts to close the bathroom door and says, “Get up Able! We’re going to the travel agent to plan our vacation for later this year, remember? You promised! Get up!” She closes the door and starts the shower. Able looks around the bedroom and notices how large the bedroom is. He sees a dresser made of Tiger Oak and a Tiger Bamboo hardwood floor. He also notices how large the night stand was beside his bed. He looks at the night stand on the other side of the bed and sees a badge. He picks up the badge and sees large red letters that say E.S.L for the company Endangered Species Laboratories. He looks at what appears to be his wife on the badge and the name Solara Chase. He puts the badge back on the nightstand and lays back on the bed. He feels a big breeze come through the window big enough to cause the linen curtains to blow around wildly. He smells the fresh breeze as it pours into the room. Able gets out of the bed and walks towards the window. The view he sees is absolutely breath taking! He looks down and notices the house is on….. Find out what exactly he sees next Thursday!! Thanks for reading!! Enjoy. 

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