Classic canvas artwork for PPSTWR

Artwork has forever been a staple with human beings throughout time. Early drawings discovered in caves and large boulders in all continents prove that. What is the purpose of art? Well, more than just a decoration, I think art can change the mood! Whether it’s for good or bad, art will definitely grab hold of your emotions and cause a movement of feelings. I also think art teaches! There are many lessons that can be found in art that revive history or give the “story” of what previously occurred. Either way, well done art is an accomplishment in itself!! The artwork I have received for the brand that is Psycho Panda is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! These painting done by my boy John Albittar and artist Adrian Henry are a complete joy to look at. My mood is definitely moved to complete joyfulness every time I glance at them lol. They will be featured in the Psycho Panda pop up shop at Nordstrom on Saturday Dec. 13 at Pentagon City. Hope to see you there!!!!



Thank YOU for rockin with Psycho Panda Streetwear!!

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