Spotlight on C-Note: Fine Tuning

What is rap? Its a lyrical art form that uses a rhyme scheme often performed over musical measures known as bars. And I didn’t see that in the Webster dictionary either, it’s a definition given from the heart! The answer to this second question might be a little more complex. What is hip hop? Hip hop contains rap in it, but it’s complexity causes more body movement, deeper thought, and heart felt connectivity in the most positive way. And again, not a definition that can be found in the Webster, it’s straight from the heart! Sooo, when I tell you that my boy, brother from another motha, Cuzzo from anotha uncle, is one of the purest forms of HIP HOP that you can find, you can take that money to the bank and deposit! You might ask…well what make this cat C-Note so impressive? And I might tell you that his flow, lyrical content, track selection, and stage presence, gives you that feeling you get as a kid when you “discovered” hip hop and rap. For me, the first time I heard a song by De La Soul was mind blowing! The beats, the joyful melody behind these lyrics that you almost can’t understand, but because you can’t quite grasp what they are saying you listen to the song 100 more times in complete happiness because the song just rocks! Yea that feeling! The feeling of, I don’t know what they said, but I love De La Soul! And as you grow older, and finally understand it, your like…OH SNAP!! And you listen again with a peace of mind about what rap and hip hop is, and enjoy the art form that much more. That’s what hip hop is all about, and that’s what C-Note brings to the table. That’s why I support the fam and attend as many performances as I can. Because, in some way, I feel like I’m watching De La Soul before they ‘got on’ as they were making headway and dealing with life and everyday issues while doing their music. It’s been a pleasure and a complete honor watching the homie rise up and with that said, here is a statement from C-Note’s about his newest project entitled “Fine Tuning : C-Note”……

“At very seldom moments in my life I find myself smiling, while humbled. Recently releasing my first project as an artist to the public I was very skeptical on it making any sort of impact. Only making 20 copies I even asked people to let me know with their feedback due to the fact that let a lot of things hang out on this project. From old songs I did from four years ago to touching up on subjects I felt uncomfortable with. The raw mixing, to perfectly mixed songs IMO, this was a piece of raw material. You hear how I am conflicted as a person, and developing as an artist in this demo.
Until I received a detailed review of “Fine Tuning” I was worrying about it cooling off and not being anything at all. After I read this review from a friend who I haven’t seen in years I literally stopped, and shook my head with a smile. He broke it down. All in all, thank you for listening and keep in mind the title refers to all the talented artists i am fortunate to be around, and how developing and learning as an artist reflects them and the people I surround myself with.”

Big ups to the brotha C-Note!! Got your back fam!! Check him out rockin the Turntables tee from the Psycho Panda Spring 2014 collection on stage at Fat Tuesdays!!…..

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