New Years is over!!!

2015 is officially here and to nobody’s surprise, 2014 was a blurr. Trying to make good use out of everyday will seemingly, at times, slow down the day. Wait. Who am I kidding. The more you do in a day the faster the days go by. Either way the collection of the years hype is culminated and released like a broken levee holding back and ocean of water. For some, it’s the only time of year they can let their hair down and act like their children. Party, party, and more party! But for others, they refocus their energy and insight to make that next year a more productive, positive, and beneficial year. Psycho Panda Streetwear participated in a bit of both while bringing in the New Year! Our focus for this year is to elevate the creative positivity in the graphic messages and harness a more unique design element in branding the “fit” of certain garments. Our work is cut out for us but the focus is there and the excitement of the challenge is at hand!! But first we enjoy the completion of 2014 and then we focus on 2015! May The Lord Bless you all.












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