Hungry Humpday 1.7.15’s about that time! If you’re anything like Mr. Psycho Panda, when lunch time comes around you start thinking of all the foods you may want and, can’t get at the moment, or the fact the foods available to you don’t entice your taste buds. That’s when you starting cooking at home everyday and bringing leftovers to ensure you’re getting what you want when it’s time to eat!! So with that being said…Happy Hungry Humpday!! Bon Appetite..if you have any food picture you want featured on Hungry Humpday please send them with a brief description to PsychoPandaSteeetwear@gmail.

Spaghetti with Turkey Swedish Meatballs.

Grilled Chicken and Red Bean with rice by Bertito!

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/931/18939826/files/2015/01/img_2703.jpg Christmas dinner by Claudia Kay.

Turkey Burger and Fries from Busboys and Poets..

Filet Mignon and Crab Cake from Sweetwater Tavern.

Pastrami sandwich from The Carving Room in DC. Soooo good!!

Grilled Chicken, mash, rice at Nando Peri Peri.

Deli Sandwich from Safeway! Lol. Thank for rockin with Psycho Panda! Enjoy.

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