The Story of Psycho Panda EPISODE 7

Episode 7.
Able looks down and notices the house is on a steep hillside overlooking a crystal clear blue body of water. He notices several houses beneath him with either blue or gold round rooftops and painted all white. He feels the breeze coming in from the water and the smell that only a deep sea breeze can provide. He pokes his head out of the window and takes in a big whiff {Snniffff..aaaahhhhh}. The organically clean and pure smell paralyzed Able as he exhales. Then without warning he feels two soft hands wrap around his waist and a delicate head lay on his back. Able turns around and says in a soft tone as if he were seeking forgiveness, “Hey Babe. Have a good shower?” Solara looks up at the six foot two inch Able and presses her forehead against his chin and says, “Yes, I love feeling clean.” She stares Able in his eyes and ask, “Do you remember your wife’s name yet?” Able responds, “I’m so sorry Babe. I’m just a little weirded out by my dream. Solara Chase is the most beautiful name on this earth. I love You.” Solara smiles as big as she can and gives Able a kiss. She puts her hands on both sides of his head, looks able in the eyes and says, “I love you too Albe.” And then speaks with a loud contradiction tone and says, “Now take your shower so we can go!” Able chuckles and says ok. He walks towards the Tiger Oak dresser and gets undergarments to change into after his shower. He walks toward the bathroom and looks back at Solara as he opens the door. He sees Solara looking at him with puppy love eyes and a slight giggle forming that usually happens to newly married couples. She says to Able, “Be quick Honey, the travel office closes early today.” Able responds with a smile and blows a kiss at Solara. He walks into the bathroom and starts the shower. While showering, Able is racing through his thoughts to remember his dream. He states to himself, “What if I did have a super human ability…I wonder what it would be?” He puts his hands in a martial arts position and says with a smerk,” What kind of super human power is dreaming? I’m gonna need something better than that.” Able cuts off the shower, dries off and puts his clothes on. He walks out to see Solara fully dressed in white shorts, sunflower blouse, and heels. She says, “Able, I heard you in the shower talking about that dream again. What is going on with you babe. Seriously, is there something I should know about?” Able responds, “No Solara, it was just a very….very real dream.” She replies with enticing eyes, “Now we’re cutting into my….well….Our dream right now of going to Hawaii.” She looks at Able and then says in a serious tone, “Let’s go already babe!” Able chuckles, grabs his keys and wallet off the dresser and walks behind Solara down the narrow staircase. He gets to his car and opens her door in a chivalrous manner. Solara smiles at him and sits in the car as Able closes her door. Able gets in and looks at Solara and says, “It’s going to be a good day Babe, I Love You.” Solara smiles and kisses Able as he starts the car and drives down the Sorrentini Greece coastline. Able and Solara reach the travel agent, park directly in front and walk in. Solara is greeted by the travel agent named Gene, shakes his hand and says, “Hey Gene, nice to see you again. This is my husband Able Chase.” Able shakes Gene’s hand and says “Hey Gene, how are you?” Gene responds to them both, “I’m doing well thanks! I have a super exciting itinerary planned for your upcoming vacation to Hawaii. Congratulations again to you both on your one year anniversary! Let’s sit down and get started.” Able and Solara sit down and start looking at the plans Gene has organized for them. While sitting down Able is distracted by the old lady sitting across from them. He looks at her green necklace she is wearing as she clutches and twist’s it with her left hand. Solara looks and says in a soft voice, “Able, pay attention honey.” Able looks at Gene as he explains their itinerary. He again is distracted by the old lady sitting across from them as she rocks back and forth and still grips and twists the green necklace. He stares at her and looks over her shoulder notices something going on in the back office of the travel agency. A man running towards them in jeans, a tank top and a shadow beard jumps over the desk. Able puts his arm in front of Solara to keep her behind him as the man runs toward them. The bearded man pushes over a chair and grabbed the old lady’s purse before he runs out the door of the travel agency. Able looks at Solara and says, “Stay here Babe.” Solara says, “Able wait..” as Able runs out the travel agency door behind the robber. Able looks to the right and sees the robber running in the middle of the street. He runs after the man into oncoming traffic barely dodging cars. The robber starts to pull away as Able is losing ground by dodging cars. Able looks at a car coming head on as he tries to figure out the best way to catch up to the robber without losing ground. He makes a split second decision to jump over the car. Able thinks to himself, “Am I really about to do this?” He takes a large step and pushes off the ground with all that he has! What happens next shocked even him…find out what happened next week! Thanks for reading the story of Psycho Panda Episode 7.

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